Pop-Up Team

Here’s the rag-tag group of people who graciously dedicated their time to help Dabble survive (and thrive) during 30 Days of Honesty in the fall of 2013.



Brittney Lane – Public Relations

Two years and 15 classes since I first started Dabbling, I can say without a doubt that Dabble is my favorite thing about Chicago. I’ve been able to fence, create cards on a letterpress, decorate cupcakes and even build pinatas – things that I would NEVER have dreamed of doing otherwise. I want to help Dabble because I think it offers a unique resource that Chicago (and the world!) that would be devastating to lose (and, because I’m selfish, and would be upset if I couldn’t take classes through Dabble anymore).

I’ll be using my background in PR (and what I learned through my Project Management Dabble class) to help get the word out about this little start-up that could.

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Krysta Williams – Photographer

I’m a new small business owner, and though my business model is very different, I respect and relate to the “bootstrap” mentality of Dabble. I also respect their honesty and transparency. Couple this with needing to “get myself out there,” insatiable curiosity and love of learning and it just makes sense to me.

I’m a person who goes with my gut, and my gut said to do this.

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Want to help?

If you want to pitch in on the madness, here’s some things we need help with over the next 30 days. Let us know a bit about you here > Get Involved

 – Social Media: Twitter & Facebook are looking mighty sad at this point. We’d love someone to help keep them happy and active (and human).


Coffee & Beer Advisors


Avi Stopper

Founder of Captain U & Excel Whiz


Brad Kopitz

Marketing Whiz at ActiveJunky.com